How Your Merchants Can Make the Most of their Parking and Valet POS Systems

Parking and valet services can be important in a variety of settings, including at hotels, event venues, restaurants, and more. Wherever it is that your merchants provide parking and valet service, it is important to make sure they have a reliable system in place for processing payments, managing vehicles, and handling vehicle requests. A parking and valet POS system can help them keep track of all of that and more so that they can enjoy a more profitable and productive business.

Payment Processing

When a customer pays for parking or valet services, he or she may pay using a variety of different forms of payment, including cash, checks, debit, and credit cards. In order to keep lines moving and provide the best customer service possible, your merchants need a point-of-sale system that will allow them to accept all of those forms of payment with ease. Offering multiple forms of payment acceptance also helps to increase customer satisfaction.

Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling needs for your merchants’ business can vary from one day to the next and even from one hour to the next. With their parking and valet POS system, they can quickly analyze traffic patterns so that they are able to make informed employee scheduling decisions. Their POS system will also allow staff to clock in and out, giving them improved employee monitoring capabilities. If there is ever a question regarding who was on staff and handling a particular vehicle at a given time, they can quickly reference their POS system.

Vehicle Management

When clients drop off their vehicle to your merchants’ business to be parked, they want to know that their vehicle will be handled with care. They also want to know that when they are ready to retrieve their vehicle, it will be brought around quickly. Their parking and valet POS system will help them provide clients with the peace of mind they need while ensuring that vehicle requests are handled promptly. With the ability to print dual tickets that can be attached to the keys with another copy provided to the customer, the potential for errors is significantly reduced, thus raising the bar for customer service.

Setting up Parking and Valet POS Systems

A variety of factors will need to be taken into consideration in setting up their parking and valet POS system. They need to give careful consideration to the type of hardware they need. The types of services that your merchants provide as well as how they wish to manage their business will prove to be vital in setting up their point-of-sale system so that it is able to benefit them in the best manner possible.

Necessary Hardware

Among the most important factors to consider in setting up your merchants’ parking and valet POS system is determining the hardware that they will need. A touch screen interface can prove to be vital at the actual point-of-sale, but they may also wish to consider whether mobile terminals can also benefit their business. Other important pieces of hardware to consider include receipt printers, a live operations monitor, and barcode scanner. A credit card interface is also essential for accepting credit card payments.

Customer Management

It is quite likely that many of your merchants’ customers will be repeat customers. When this is the case, it can be important for their parking and valet POS system to provide them with the ability to set up customer profiles. As a result, they can create VIP guest services and offer discounts and validations to customers who use their service on a frequent basis. This helps to build customer loyalty while also boosting customer satisfaction and encouraging customers to use their service again in the future.

Vehicle Retrieval

Keeping track of vehicles in your merchants’ care is critical to the success of any parking and valet service. As part of that process, it is important to be able to know exactly where vehicles are in the retrieval process at any given time. Their POS system can assist with this by providing current retrieval time display and retrieval process updates. Additionally, they can take advantage of vehicle request alerts so that they always know when a customer is ready for his or her vehicle to be retrieved. When customers receive their vehicles on a timely basis, your merchants gain the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction.

Additional Services

Along with providing parking and valet services, your merchants’ business may also provide a variety of other services, such as car washes. When that is the case, they need a parking and valet POS system that will allow them to quickly and accurately provide service tracking. Such services not only provide the opportunity to gain increased revenue streams, but also build a stronger rapport with their customer base.

When setting up your merchants’ parking and valet point-of-sale system it is important to make sure they have the necessary hardware and specifications that highlight payment processing, employee scheduling, and vehicle management. The ability to manage customers, retrieve vehicles in a timely and efficient manor, as well as provide additional services can increase their productivity and their bottom line.

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