Channel Specialization

EVO differentiates itself through our four distinct business channels, each with sales and operations teams delivering expert payment solutions and services.

Integrated POS

ISV and reseller partnerships that accelerate technology solutions at the point of sale. LEARN MORE


Payment solutions for large merchants with A/R automation and ERP integrations. LEARN MORE


Merchant relationships focused predominantly on the internet to conduct business. LEARN MORE


Small- to medium-sized businesses that sell primarily in brick and mortar storefronts. LEARN MORE

Who We Serve

Within our dedicated business channels, EVO serves the following types of businesses.

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  • Merchants
  • ISVs
  • Point of Sale Resellers
  • ERP Integrators
  • ISO & Agents
  • B2B Referral Partners
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Payment Solutions

Standalone Terminals

Countertop terminals that accept all payment methods, including EMV, chip and PIN, magstripe, and NFC/Contactless.


The fastest way for POS developers to integrate advanced security, features, and functionality into their payment solutions.


EVO Payments offers a range of semi-integrated solutions that allow merchants to accept EMV payments easily and affordably.


Secure mobile payment solutions that include PCI-compliant wireless terminals, handheld devices, and tablet solutions.


Gateways and web-based payment solutions for merchants who conduct business online.


B2B payment solutions, A/R automation, and ERP integrations for large merchants.

Programs & Services

Payment-related services that add value to EVO’s merchants and partners.

Diamond Cloud

EVO Payments offers a range of semi-integrated solutions that allow merchants to accept EMV payments easily and affordably.

When choosing a vendor, one of our tests was to randomly call the support centers of credit card companies we were looking at and see who answered the quickest and most consistently and if they had a person pick up or a menu system.  EVO had the best response time of everyone we tested and they always had a live person pick up.

Phillip Runnels

Goodwill, Santa Ana, CA

Our partnership with EVO has been very beneficial for us.  Our business has grown dramatically since we began our relationship with them.  We focus on running our operations and EVO gives us the ability to do just that.  We believe we are working with the best partner for us.

Melissa Albright

Patrick S. Molak Corp., New Braunfels, TX

Our EVO rep has proven to be a valuable extension of our own company and team. He makes sure our merchants are up and running by whatever deadline exists.

Marlon Brown

OSS Data, Hollywood, FL

I find that EVO stays on top of things. Merchant applications are approved quickly and I’m seeing my residuals grow. What I like best about partnering with EVO is being able to connect easily, even on weekends.

Andy Hoang

Planet POS, Sacramento, CA

My first account with EVO was really small. I probably made $25. But EVO took such good care of me even though it wasn’t a big account. That’s why I decided to move most of my customers over to EVO.

Adam Dawkins

Royal T POS, Ocala, FL

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