How Your Merchants Can Make the Most of their Bowling POS System

Bowling allies can be a profitable business opportunity, but your merchants must make sure that they provide their guests with a good time and make certain that their business is managed in an effective manner. According to, “Bowling is a $10 billion industry and there are 67 million people who bowl at least once a year.” The faster that your merchants’ customers can get guests out onto the lane, the happier they will be. A bowling POS system helps your merchants to accomplish all of this and more.

Improved Customer Service

The more efficiently that your merchants are able to run their bowling alley, the more successful it will be. Due to the fact that their bowling alley is a multi-service environment, it is essential that they have an organized management system in place. With their bowling POS system, merchants can complete transactions for all types of services with a single system. This makes it possible to check customers in and out faster, provide more efficient service, and provide customers with improved service.


Your merchants can keep track of their customers’ information using their bowling POS system. This gives them the ability to email or text customers to provide them with promotions or recognize special occasions. Along with building customer loyalty, this aspect of their POS system also provides the opportunity to provide discounts. With their point-of-sale system, merchants can also take advantage of the opportunity to provide online booking and streamline the entire booking process. Your merchants’ POS system will also give them the ability to promote add-ons to packages.

Reporting and Tracking

Every aspect of a merchant’s business is able to benefit from a bowling POS system. Food sales, shoe and lane rentals, and even retail purchases are fast and easy using a point-of-sale system. They can also view critical reports so that your merchants can review profitability for each facet of their business.

Choosing a Bowling POS System

Their bowling POS system can assist merchants in significantly increasing the profitability and efficiency of their business. In order to take advantage of the numerous benefits offered by a point-of-sale system, it is important to know what to look for in such a system. Along with providing flexible payment processing, the system that your merchant selects for their bowling alley should also include inventory management capability and employee scheduling. In addition, they must also consider their hardware requirements and the hardware that is included with the system.

Flexible Payment Processing

When guests come into your merchants’ bowling alley, they may wish to pay with a variety of different forms of payment. Along with paying cash, their customers may also wish to pay with credit cards or debit cards. By offering flexible payment processing, merchants can greatly expand their customer base while also improving the speed of the checkout process. Hot keys integrated with their bowling POS system allows them to quickly ring up sales for popular items, including shoe rentals, lane rentals, and more. Their bowling POS system can also be used for event management and ringing up sales for party bookings.

Employee Scheduling

Scheduling is vital for the profitability of your merchants’ bowling alley. With their bowling POS system, merchants can have employees clock in and clock out. This makes it much easier to manage payroll and keep track of employees. A bowling POS system with employee scheduling can also provide greater insight into their most productive employees while assisting in analyzing the busiest times for their business so that they can schedule employees accordingly.

Inventory Management

With a bowling POS system, merchants can take advantage of the opportunity to track every item in their inventory so that they can be automatically notified when they need to place an order. Inventory management with their bowling POS system can also prove to be helpful for their snack area as well as keeping track of other items. Your merchants can track inventory in real time so that they always know precisely where they stand. They have the ability to add, modify, and remove products from their inventory. Their POS system will also give them the ability to assign different pricing of products and events based on the day of the week, time of the day, etc.

Hardware Requirements

The number of areas your merchants operate in their bowling alley can play a significant role in determining the type and amount of hardware that they need for their point-of-sale system. For instance, if merchants want to operate a concession stand or grille, as well as a shoe rental area and perhaps even a bar area where guests can order drinks, they may wish to consider implementing a terminal at each of those locations. Handheld tablets and mobile terminals can also prove to be vital for improving efficiency and boosting profits for their bowling alley. Additionally, your merchants may wish to consider the use of a barcode scanner and receipt printer for their bowling POS system.

Bowling allies have a slew of moving parts from the actual lanes, to food services, and managing employees. Those details can get overwhelming and hard to manage without the proper point-of-sale system. When finding the right fit for your merchants in the industry, it is important to consider customer service, marketing, reporting, and tracking. Other factors such as flexible payment processing, employee scheduling, inventory management, and the proper hardware requirements give your merchants peace of mind and the ability to let their customers enjoy their bowling alley experience just as they intended.

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