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Easy System Integration

No need to howl! EVO takes the headaches out of payment integration.

Fully API Driven

  • From onboarding to transactions to reporting, everything can be controlled within your platform via EVO’s API.

Pre-Built Components

  • Don’t have time to build or maintain specific payment elements? Leverage EVO’s pre-built components either standalone or via API.

One Integration

  • Through one integration to EVO’s PayFabric payments platform leverage all payment channels, options and much more.

Consultation Makes A Difference

  • Vets know the importance of great consultation; you diagnose challenges and explain the best options. Similarly, EVO customizes solutions to help you treat furry and feathery patients more efficiently.

Best-In-Class Customer Service

  • Our Dallas-based sales and support team answers the phone 24/7/365! No kidding. We know animal care is demanding, so we’re always standing by to support you.

Reduce Your Costs

  • EVO offers competitive processing rates – Invest more in your practice. Fees are transparent and statements are easy to read – Never wonder about a charge on your invoice.

EVO offers omni-channel options, giving them the right flexibility to pay:

In the exam room At Reception From Their Cars During high-stakes emergencies

Close their invoices the ways that fit best:

Online In-Person Mobile Text To Pay Link To Pay Email QR Code Recurring

We support:

Credit Debit Apple Google PayPal ACH

We Make Your Clients’ Payment Experience EASY

Your customers deserve the smoothest payment experience possible. A client might be distressed from managing wiggly dogs and kids, juggling work emails, or trying to understand their pet’s health challenges.

Your “dog moms” and “cat dads” can experience stress-free, convenient checkout without having to step away from their pets. Easy check-out helps everyone take their critters home in a good mood.

“Quickly Pay & Get Back To Play”

Do other processors really understand a clinic’s hectic day-to-day needs? EVO brings you:

  • Customized solutions
  • Many easy payment options
  • “White glove” support—all day, all year
  • Competitive rates
  • Simple systems integrations

Need Someone To “Sit” and “Speak?”

If you have questions about your practice’s one-of-a-kind needs, give us a call at 866-428-8903.

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